False Ceiling Designs with Beautiful Pictures

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The interior surface of the ceiling above is related to the top or the sky – the sky from a room . This ceiling serves as a means of limiting the space between the roof space which we use every day that are below it . Moreover ceiling also serves to retain heat from the roof to avoid being hit directly in the space below. However , the end – the end of the ceiling also serves to add an element of beauty in the room . False Ceiling Designs is one model that could be a decoration of your choice . For decorating the ceiling could have a function to decorate the room and can also be formed as the interior of a house or a room that is neat and has a condition that is not hot . To model can be shaped ceiling decor ceiling plywood on the frame with a form adapted to the concept and your ideas . False Ceiling Designs can be geometric shape such as a square , square, oval or other shape that is tailored to your ideas . For decorating the ceiling in the arrangement adapted to the size of the wall of the house with high walls or short .

False Ceiling Designs

For high ceiling decoration will make the room look spacious and also has a comfortable room conditions and fresh , while the short- ceiling models can make the room look cramped , but it does not mean it can not have a beautiful room . With proper selection of colors and also in accordance with the theme of the room and could form a condition that warm , comfortable and fun . False Ceiling Designs For lighting can be applied with decorative lights and lamps are also functional in the form table lamp , floor , wall or pendant lamp . In ceiling decoration needed a good and proper installation besides other interior decoration is also necessary as the concept of decorating furniture sets furniture , room decor accessories , decorations and matching the right coloring on the walls and floor and the furniture .

False Ceiling Designs
False Ceiling Designs

False Ceiling Designs with Beautiful Pictures False Ceiling Designs with Beautiful Pictures

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